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Car Accidents

Eells & Tronvold Law Offices, PLC

Car Accident Attorneys in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City

Every year, thousands of people in Iowa are injured or killed in car accidents. Whether the cause of the collision was due to negligence, road construction or equipment failure, the results are almost always the same. Even the most minor of car crashes can result in extensive injuries to those involved, including fractures, burn wounds, neck and back injuries, and more severe injuries like brain trauma, limb loss and death.

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident in Iowa has the right to seek legal help with an accident attorney. Victims may be entitled to compensation, including reimbursement for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and damages for a wrongful death. If you or a loved one were affected by a car crash, our Iowa auto accident attorneys are here to protect your rights. 

The personal injury lawyers at Eells & Tronvold Law Offices, PLC have over 50 years of successful experience representing car accident victims in Iowa and will help you and your loved ones obtain justice for your pain and suffering. Because the vast majority of car wrecks are caused by someone’s carelessness or wrongdoing, you may be eligible to receive a significant amount of compensation for your injuries or losses, and our legal team will not rest until we help you recover the largest settlement possible. 

Types of Auto Collisions

There are several different types of auto accidents, each having the power to completely transform a victim’s life forever. Some involve single-car collisions with minor damage, while others involve a chain of vehicles and can cause extensive or fatal injuries to those involved. Unfortunately, no matter what the specific details of each type of wreck may be, the results can be devastating. Many car accident victims suffer irreversible injuries, including brain damage, paralysis and limb loss, rendering those involved incapable of ever resuming their regular day-to-day activities or jobs. 

Our personal injury attorneys in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa understand the severity of an auto accident and will help you and your loved ones recover the damages you are rightfully entitled to. Below are just a few of the many kinds of car accidents our firm can help you with: 

Head-on Collisions
Off-road Collisions
Fender Benders
Lane Departure Crashes
Single-vehicle Collisions
Multi-vehicle Collisions
Intersection Collisions
Pedestrian Accidents
Cyclist Accidents

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Just as there are many kinds of car collisions, there are also several factors that can contribute to them, such as: 

Distracted Driving
Improper Lane Changes
Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
Failure to Yield to Pedestrians
Failure to Yield to Other Motorists
Equipment Malfunctions
Road Damage

Whether the  collision was caused by a drunk driver or road damage, rest easy knowing that the auto accident lawyers at Eells & Tronvold Law Offices, PLC will pursue your case aggressively and successfully. 

Protecting the Rights of Auto Accident Victims

Regardless of what caused your injuries, rest assured that our skilled car accident lawyers in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa will not rest until your case ends with the most favorable outcome.  Our attorneys thoroughly investigate the scene of the crash, speaking with witnesses, police officers and even insurance companies to get you compensated quickly. No matter whose fault the accident was, car insurance rates can skyrocket after a wreck, not to mention medical bills. Trust in our personal injury team to handle every aspect of your case so you won’t have to worry about any of the details. If necessary, we will even consult with healthcare providers to get you the best treatment possible for your injuries. At Eells & Tronvold Law Offices, PLC , you are our top priority. We will fight to protect your rights and make sure those responsible for the collision are held accountable for their negligent actions. 

Let us help you and your loved ones obtain justice and the compensation you deserve following an Iowa auto collision. Call our firm today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the best approach for  your case.
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